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What is going on in this country?: Man convicted of robbing mom over parking ticket

by Ari Rutenberg

From HuffPost:

"An Anchorage man has been convicted of robbing his mother at gunpoint
because she didn't give him money to help pay a parking ticket. The
Anchorage district attorney said Thursday that 27-year-old Cheng Saelee
was also convicted of illegally contacting his mother from jail and
trying to get her to drop the charges."

Wow...there is something seriously wrong with this country. People are totally losing it. This is just so disturbing. I think our obsession with choice and giving each person's opinion equal weight, no matter how ridiculous, has turned us into a nation of sociopaths. We are only out for ourselves and that is so sad. And its why its impossible to get people to accept the notion that we must take care of the least fortunate among us. The social contract is breaking down in America, and all those who say we don't need each other or the government are making it happen.