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Obama on Afghanistan War: Will He or Won't He?

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Bob Cesca mulls Obama's upcoming decision on whether to escalate the war in Afghanistan:

I hasten to emphasize that we don't know exactly what's going on in
these meetings, but it's clear that the notion of escalating in
Afghanistan isn't making sense to the president. And it shouldn't. He
has as much, if not more, a sense of history as any expert watching
from the outside who knows that escalation could lead to endless

It might be wishful thinking, but I can't help but to think that the
president will announce a small troop increase as cover for the Afghan
security forces, and attach it to a strict timeline for a draw down.
Again, speculation, so take it as such. I also think we'll leave troops
there in order to keep an eye on Pakistan's nukes.

One thing's for sure. President Obama is aware of LBJ's mistakes.

Regardless of the morality of the decision (which should of course, be the primary factor) if there's one thing we can cut from the budget that would make a huge difference to the countries financial woes, it's the war in Afghanistan. We are pouring billions of dollars into the region, and there appears to be no apparent benefits other than lots of dead soldiers. It's just not a sustainable investment in the long term.