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A quick note on Gordon Brown

by Ari Rutenberg

I never thought I'd find myself defending him, but the crap the UK Prime Minister has been receiving for some errors in a hand written condolence note is pretty out of bounds. There are many things for which it is legitimate to criticize any politician, and many more for Mr. Brown. But attempting to offer genuine condolences for a lost soldier should never be one of them. The fact that he took the time to hand write a letter to a fallen soldier's family is worthy of praise. He apparently made the typos because his eyesight is failing. Despite his many inadequacies, Gordon Brown seems to have his heart in the right place. And doing such a service is worthy of nothing but praise and admiration. We should never forget that these people are human too, and while it does not make him worthy of one's political support, that doesn't mean we shouldn't give praise where its due. I hope Brown steps up his game and gets serious on policy and controlling his unruly Labour Party (I really don't get his obsession with guys names Miliband) so he deserves some real accolades. But for now, I think that piling on about this letter is not only mean spirited, but also counter-productive. And we could use some good spirits in this world, there's already enough anger and derision.