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Mainstream Pundits Turning Against Israel

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A strange thing seems to be happening amongst elite pundits. They are slowly but surely throwing in the towel on Israel after realizing that the psychopathic Netanyahu clearly has no intention of brokering a deal with the Palestinians. Illegal Settlement activity has not stopped, more houses are on the way in east Jerusalem, and the daily abuse of Palestinians continues. The Israelis are openly defying the Obama administration after being told to stop building on Palestinian land, and the extreme Right wing government has been extremely unhelpful when dealing with Iran.

Israel has been allowed to get away with this primarily because of the immensely strong influence of the Jewish lobby, AIPAC, in the U.S. The U.S sends Israel billions of dollars a year, and without it, they would be unable to batter the Palestinians into submission and throw its weight around in the Middle East.

Therefore, the only way to stop their ultimately self destructive behavior is to cut off the money. As Joe Klein writes:

The Obama Administration may have to be a bit less
"grandiose" in dealing with Netanyahu's irredentist government. It
should start by putting a hold on all economic and military aid to
Israel; the aid should not be discontinued, just held, for a nice long
review until the Netanyahu government comes to understand that
Jerusalem must be the capital of both Israel and Palestine, and that if
you actually want peace, you don't build illegal settlement colonies in
the Palestinian capital.

It would seem that Israel's behavior is so abhorrent, that even a centrist pundit like Klein has had enough -- and that cannot be good for Netanyahu. Despite his bravado and penchant for violence against Arabs, Netanyahu knows who his real master is -- it is the money that pays for his adventures. Once you lose the American center, you are in real danger of losing the money. And without that, Netanyahu becomes irrelevant.