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Health Care Passes in the House

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The bill that (finally) passed in the House is far from perfect, but nevertheless, it is a major victory for reform, and a very positive step in the right direction. The NY Times reports:

After a daylong clash with Republicans over what has been a Democratic goal for decades, lawmakers voted 220 to 215
to approve a plan that would cost $1.1 trillion over 10 years.
Democrats said the legislation would provide overdue relief to
Americans struggling to buy or hold on to health insurance.

And amazingly, a Republican voted for it:

And sadly, many Democrats voted against it.
There is still a ways to go, and a bill is yet to come out of the Senate. However, as Bob Cesca rightly says, for now, we dance.

Update: A kind reader pointed out that I had titled this post 'Health Care Passes in the Senate'. That was of course, completely wrong. I had meant to write 'Health Care Passes in the House'. Sorry, I must remember not to post after just waking up.