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Obama's First Year

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Bob Cesca recaps the President's positive achievements:

I'm not going to do the whole list,
but the tent pole items include setting a timetable for withdrawal from
Iraq, opening up federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, equal pay for women,
ending torture, passing a major economic stimulus bill, which has
helped to boost economic growth and yank the Dow back from the cliffs
of insanity, and it looks like we're going to have a fairly solid
health care reform bill with a public insurance option sometime this
year (unless Harry Reid fumbles it).
Last week alone, the president signed historic new hate crimes
legislation protecting the LGBT community, killed the useless F-22
program, ended funding for ineffectual abstinence-only education, and
was able to ballyhoo the first quarter of economic growth since 2007.
Plus, per the president's orders, the Senate finally voted to allow the Guantanamo inmates to be moved onto U.S. soil for imprisonment and trial.

I'm in two minds about Obama's first year -- I recognize the fact that he came to power under the least favorable conditions humanly possible and has taken a number of steps to slowly pull the country back from the brink. George Bush had literally driven the country off of a cliff, and Obama has the unfortunate job of clearing up his colossal mess.

However, his kid gloves treatment of the banks has been unforgivable, and his continuation of the war in Afghanistan is not only wrong but insane. Obama may have a grand scheme up his sleeve that will eventually pull the U.S out of Afghanistan and properly clamp down on the banks, but we haven't seen much evidence of it yet. I'd like to write a long list of achievements (and as Bobs correctly points out, there are many), but telling Obama he is doing a great job may have the unfortunate effect of slowing down real change. Obama will make bold moves only if the press and his supporters hold him accountable. He needs to know on a daily basis that change isn't coming quickly or dramatically enough. The Republican smear machine has another 3 years to perfect its mudslinging techniques that have so far proven ineffective, so in the mean time it might be a good idea to get a move on before it starts to work.

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