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A Decent Health Care Bill

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Bob Cesca (who I defer to completely on health care issues) is reasonably positive on the health care bill passed by the House:

It'll still be the most affordable and reliable choice for health
insurance, but it won't be as inexpensive as a Medicare-rates plan.

The House bill was announced this morning and there are lots of good
things besides the public option. One of the new items to pop up is the
ability for kids to stay on their parent's family policy until their
27th birthday. The bill also caps out of pocket expenses, eliminates
co-pays for routine doctor visits (huzzah!) and it closes the
donut-hole in Medicare Part-D. There's also the pre-existing condition
language and the controversial mandates included in the House bill.

Most importantly, Michele Malkin is sick to her stomach, which is no bad thing.