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Inside Bush's Brain: Stupid or Arrogant?

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george bush For Huffington Post readers who dont know whats the point of Twitter

Ryan Sager summarizes Bush's intelligence according to a new book 'Judging Bush' published by Stanford University Press:

The problem with Bush’s leadership style was never lack of
intelligence. It was something much closer to intellectual laziness or
lack of curiosity. As the authors put it: “Critics charge that
President Bush does not seek out information or opposing viewpoints;
disdains complexity, nuances, and expert opinion; views policy issues
in black-and-white terms based on his own preconceptions; and, refuses
to rethink problems or change his views. The research largely bears out
these popular perceptions.”

In summary of the president’s personality, the authos write, “Bush
is an extraverted, domineering, and somewhat adventurous and impulsive
individual, lacking in conscientiousness, who is intelligent but
relatively superficial and unreflective.”