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BBC Show Exposes Griffin

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by Ben Cohen

The BBC came under heavy fire for including BNP leader Nick Griffin in its show 'Question Time' last night, but people opposed to his appearance cannot be to unhappy with how the event turned out.

Griffin was assaulted from all angles, and came off looking completely ridiculous in the process. The audience and panel wasn't having any of Griffin's nonsense, and bombarded him with pointed criticism that the fascist leader simply couldn't answer. Griffin suffered a relentless night of embarrassment as his own disgusting quotes were read back to him and British born minorities asked him directly whether he regarded them as British. Griffin tried to play to the crowd, but his charm wore off quickly as his racial politics were mercilessly scrutinized and exposed.

It is debatable whether the BBC were right to allow Griffin on the show, but there is no denying it successfully ruined any credibility he had. In this case, freedom of speech worked a treat.