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Nuclear Power: The Answer to Climate Change?

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by Ben Cohen

George Monbiot looks at one of the defining issues of our time: Do we go nuclear to avoid massive climate change?:

Today, while the threat of nuclear war hasn't disappeared, it is less
urgent than the prospect of climate breakdown. The two industries –
weapons and power – were split up (though in reality long after it came
into force) by the Euratom treaty
and modern reactor designs are much safer than their predecessors. As
nuclear energy produces less carbon dioxide per unit of electricity
than coal or gas, and as uranium mining, though hideous, causes less
damage than opencast coal, the argument has changed. Now the issue
comes down to this: whether the nuclear waste will be disposed of
safely, and whether it can it be done without the massive use of state
funds....the persistent trouble with nuclear power – like any other potentially
polluting industry – is that doing things the right way is expensive,
while doing them the wrong way is cheap.