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Sarah Palin Posts Free Market Health Care Solution on Facebook

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by Ben Cohen

In an in depth, researched article posted on Sarah Palin's facebook page (and one quite clearly not written by herself), Palin articulates her vision of substantial healthcare reform:

Here’s a novel idea. Instead of working contrary to the free market,
let’s embrace the free market. Instead of going to war with certain
private sector companies, let’s embrace real private-sector competition
and allow consumers to purchase plans across state lines. Instead of
taxing the so-called “Cadillac” plans that people get through their
employers, let’s give individuals who purchase their own health care
the same tax benefits we currently give employer-provided health care
recipients. Instead of crippling Medicare, let’s reform it by providing
recipients with vouchers so that they can purchase their own coverage.

Palin's 'Novel Idea' has, unfortunately, been tried. It's the system we have now. Allowing Californians to buy healthcare insurance from Texas isn't exactly revolutionary either. It would do absolutely nothing to stop abuse or monopoly, and would be about as useful as allowing Oregonians to purchase their water from New York. In fact, it would be considerably more dangerous as the states have radically different consumer protection laws which may lower premiums for some, but raise them for others, particularly the sick.

If Republicans believe promoting Free Market solutions for everything is the way to go, they have a lot to learn. In times of economic crises, people want strong government action. The market wasn't so great when it decimated the economy, and why they believe it is the answer in fixing it is anyone's guess.