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Katie Couric Softballs Glenn Beck

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by Ben Cohen

When you get a man who publicly cries on TV over 1980's Coca Cola commercial, accuses the President of being a racist and believes there is a communist conspiracy by leading Democrats to take over the country, it might be a good idea to ask him some tough questions. Instead, Kaite Couric sat down for a fireside friendly chat with Fox New's leading lunatic, and proceeded to treat him like a celebrity who just cheated on their partner.

Couric's interview of Glenn Beck was a wasted opportunity -- the public doesn't want to 'get to know' Beck. They want to know why he spews such ridiculous nonsense on a daily basis and thinks he can get away with it without being challenged. It's fine to bash Beck when he's not there, but the nation is in serious need of a real, one on one confrontation with a real journalist. Apparently, Couric is not one of them.

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