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Why are we still talking about balloon boy?

by Ari Rutenberg

Just a quick question...why the hell is CNN still covering the balloon boy non-stop? He alive, was never on the damn thing, and its over. There are at least 10,000 other, vastly more worthy news stories to be covering and CNN chooses this nonsense. Well, apparently Ted Turner wants to buy CNN back. Between this crap and John Stewart's recentskewering of CNN's fact checking SNL but always having to "leave it there" with lying wingnuts, I really hope he does. Then maybe we'd have one 24 hour network that actually covered all the news we need to be a properly educated and politically active population.

Oh, well now its on MSNBC too. I turned CNN off to write this piece so I wouldn't have to listen. We really need some serious news in this country.

Update: Now its on both networks. How sad for the MSM. Really. Who cares?