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GOP Hunts Muslims in Congress

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Want more proof that the GOP has been taken over by a once fringe element of angry white racists? Here you go. According to the WaPo:

"A group of House Republicans is calling for an investigation into whether a leading American Muslim
advocacy group tried to "spy" on congressional offices by placing
interns on key security committees.

Rep. Sue Myrick, North Carolina Republican, cited an internal
January 2007 memo in which the Council on American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR) discussed placing Muslim interns on Capitol Hill to "focus on
influencing congressmen responsible for policy that directly impacts
the American Muslim community."

CAIR said it had a particular interest in influencing the judiciary, intelligence and homeland security committees."

Of course, when extreme Right Wing Christians are actually doing all of the above, no one in the GOP bats an eyelid. Because American Christians are mostly white, and American Muslims mostly aren't.