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Media Still Obsessed With Campaign Politics

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by Ben Cohen

10 months into Barack Obama's Presidency, the media is STILL obsessed with campaign politics. Who will be the Republican nominee in 2012? Is Mitt Romney's haircut 'Reaganite' enough, and can Sarah Palin visit enough countries to give the appearance she knows something about international relations?

If that wasn't bad enough, media pundits are now back on the 'Will Hillary Clinton Run?' wagon hoping it will create a bit of attention. And surprise surprise, it has:

Everyone in the media made out like bandits during election season -- viewership was at an all time high, advertising rates shot up, and the country couldn't get enough of the 'McCain vs Romney/Obama vs Edwards vs Clinton/Obama vs McCain' slugfest. It was enormously profitable and generally speaking, a gigantic waste of resources (third word poverty could have been ended with the $5.3 billion dollars spent on all the candidates campaigns). The MSM covers this type of nonsense because there is a ton of money to made, regardless of how silly it might be -- and it is given Hillary Clinton couldn't conceivably run for another 7 years, by which time, she would be 68 years old.

So anyway, here's a golden rule for the media: If you are still talking about the possibility of a Clinton Presidency, you are not a real news station. You are a greedy corporation selling the equivalent of porn in a bid for cheap ratings. In other words, the MSM.