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Glenn Beck Army Coming After Me!

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by Ben Cohen

Just received this email from a Right Wing nut job:

I resent you referring to the people who watch Glenn Beck as "the Right
Idiots." Thank the Lord we have someone who will reveal the Truth about the
people who are using OUR money for their own purposes!!One day you and others will wake up and be thankful to know the truth!!
Please watch your words from now on or many of our people will be publishing the
facts about you!!

Publishing facts about me? Hmmm. I'll save them the time. Let me see....well, I got in a lot of trouble at school (I was once suspended for fighting), a few years ago I (quite badly) misquoted a fighter at a press conference I was covering and had to apologize, I once poured my own drink in a bar and was thrown out (but the bouncers did find it funny), um, I was arrested when I was 15 for answering back to a policeman...well, that's about it.

Anyway, I actually happen to agree that people are using our money for their own purposes, just not ACORN and the other usual Right Wing conspiracy theory targets.