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Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is the Worst Thing Ever....

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by Ben Cohen

I've been enjoying the Nobel Peace Prize debacle for a good few hours now, but its starting to worry me that so many people seem to think this is the worst thing ever (including liberals). For goodness sake, the President just won a very prestigious peace prize (the most prestigious peace prize in fact), and no one has a nice word to say about it.

Sure, Obama probably partly got the reward as a rebuke to George Bush, but had John McCain won the Presidential election, you can bet he wouldn't have been even considered. Obama has made a serious, concerted effort to reverse the disastrous 'go it alone' policies of the Bush Administration, and is engaging formal U.S enemies in a serious way. He's made several conciliatory addresses to the Middle East, opened up dialogue with Iran, North Korea, and Cuba and has pledged to massively reduce nuclear stockpiles.

Obama is revered around the world because he speaks to them like adults on an equal footing, not pawns in a bid for global dominance. It is a marked, substantial and vitally important difference from the past 8 years and the Nobel Peace Prize reinforces the world's recognition of that. Why is that so bad?