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Plans to Bomb Iran?

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by Ben Cohen

Following on from my earlier post on the demise of the dollar and what the U.S might do to prevent it, it looks like the U.S is ratcheting up pressure on Iran. According to abc news, the Pentagon is going to 'Fast forward the development and procurement of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator'.

And what might a 'Massive Ordnance Penetrator' be?

A giant, 30,000 lb bomb capable of destroying bunkers 200ft below the ground, specifically those in Iran.

So let's get this straight - the United States is up in arms about Iran's development of nuclear power and the massive threat it poses, yet it is pumping millions of dollars into a program specifically designed to attack them. The logic seems to be, we can plan to attack you, but you can't plan to attack us.

It's no wonder the Iranians are trying to develop nuclear power. They'd be foolish not to.

(Again, I'd like to disclose that I obviously do not want Iran to get their hands on a nuclear weapon, but from a pure power analysis, you can see why they'd want it).