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No Love for Tories, Just Hate for Labour

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by Ben Cohen

Recent polling in the U.K shows that despite the Conservative Parties substantial lead in the polls, voters are not particularly thrilled at the prospect of a Tory government. They are however, fed up with the Labour Party that has failed spectacularly to live up to its promise.

It is a crying shame that the British public will, barring a series of small miracles, be subjected to Conservative rule for the foreseeable future. They have lived under a pro business, anti working class government for the past 12 years disguised as the Labour Party, and are about to sign up to many more years of it under the real thing. And it won't be pretty.

I still find it hard to believe that the party whose ideas brought Western Capitalism to the brink of destruction gets to parade itself as fiscally responsible. The Labour Party followed the pro-business, pro-deregulation frenzy spawned by Margaret Thatcher, and the results were disastrous. Yet the Tory Party, running on a platform of exactly the same philosophy, are banking on a national amnesia to ram through legislation that will surely have even more catastrophic results.

Why can they do this? Because there is no viable third Party.

Maybe it's time for the Liberal Democrats to get serious.