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Matt Taibbi Defends Michael Moore

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by Ben Cohen

Matt Taibbi defends Michael Moore's artistic liberties in his new documentary 'Capitalism: A Love Story':

At least Michael Moore is getting us talking about the right topics.
And while I get that the right way to start a revolution is not to
wildly misinterpret the nature of capitalism in a coffeeshop
conversation with Wallace Shawn (whose line about the grabber product
was the funniest thing in the movie, by the way), well, it’s not really
Michael Moore’s job to start a revolution. He probably thinks it is —
and this is that “Atlas” complex fellow True/Slant writer Joseph
Childers is talking about — but that’s only because nobody else out
there, in the major media at least, is doing a freaking thing.

I watched the movie myself a couple of days ago and thought it was quite brilliant. Sure, there were parts I found a little contrived, somewhat condescending, and slightly odd (particularly the bit with Wallace Shawn), but overall it was a stunning piece of film that really drove home the point that as a society, the U.S is on the verge of a complete meltdown.

Media critics love to bash Moore for the eccentricity and overbearing ego present in his films, but as Taibbi points out, Moore is saying things no one else will - a feat that more than makes up it.