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GOP Brand is Damaged

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by Ben Cohen

According to, the GOP may be effective at blocking everything the Democrats are trying to do, but their popularity is taking a real hit (h/t OsborneInk):

The overall finding is simple -- the GOP's standing relative to the
Democrats on both measures is worse than any opposition party in the
sample. For instance, the Pew data show that the Republicans are
currently viewed more negatively than any minority party in the
previous four midterms in terms of both net favorables and the
difference in net favorables between parties:


When you are anti everything, there isn't a lot for people to get excited about. The prospect of Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney coming into power on a ' Barack Obama is Evil' platform just isn't that enticing to voters, and the GOP clearly needs to come up with something better.

The problem is, the party has become completely devoid of ideas, a trend that has been going on for 30 years.

It looks like tax cuts and war are finally getting a little old.