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Wingnut Infestation Source Identified

Whenever I notice a rise in the dumber than usual conservative comments I always know that some wingnut blog has linked. In today's case its, the former Heritage Foundation site that was spun off and sold to conservative radio in order to counter DailyKos and the like. Like Redstate and the others, they've failed at that.

If someone could just develop something like wingnut-away, but that would be too easy. Conservatives get really upset when you point out that the foundation of their movement is based on racism, and that the largest domestic terror attack came from the right side of the aisle. The extreme right, no doubt, but on the right - you could xerox some of the rhetoric now mainstream on the right and it would sound identical to the stuff McVeigh was pushing about revolution.

These facts are often inconvenient, but as Al Gore showed us, they must be noted for the record.

UPDATE: And for those of you who think I'm reaching (read: making cons uncomfortable) look at this comment on that blog post:

I have spoken to special force Marines and soldiers (active and vets.) and they told me an American Revolution is comming it is (carved in stone).They did not go overseas to fight for freedom,risk their lives,come home without limbs and watch their brothers get blown up to come home to a socialist-communist country,and they would not shoot Americans even if they were ordered to.They would fight to take there country back.

Now, its pretty likely that the marines and soldiers in this guy's mind are as real as the tooth fairy, but the mindset is out there. A lot of people have lost their minds as a side effect of having a Democratic president, let alone a black one.

As a side note, I know that I'm on the lower tier of liberal bloggers, and that doesn't bother me because I know I'm true to myself, but one of the things liberals have got to learn about the right is that you have to give as good as they give. You don't play defense - you go on offense. When you're ahead you don't kneel on the ball, you run up the score, you still go after their quarterback, you send them off the field not with their dignity still intact but with their spirits crushed.

If you're not going to play for keeps, don't even bother to play. This is why so many of the conservative bloggers hate my guts, and I love 'em for it.