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If Jay Leno Is The Future Of TV, TV Is Dead

Time, in one of its time-honored traditions as the arbiter of stuff says that Jay Leno is the future of TV. If there's any truth to that I have only one thing to say to my beloved idiot box: it's not me, it's you.

Television is in one of its dry spots right now. For myself, there are only a few programs being shown on broadcast that I watch regularly. Why? Because broadcast TV thinks you're stupid and is jammed to the gills with idiotic reality shows. Even in the time-honored procedural category, the pickings have been come slim as of late.

And now NBC has decided to inflict Jay Leno on the public in prime time. I hope they stay away. Not only has Leno been amazingly ungracious towards Conan O'Brien taking over the Tonight Show (then again, this was the guy who ignored Carson after he took over Tonight himself), Leno happens to have not been even sort of funny since the 20th century. That's the rub. NBC is stripping a talk show by a has-been comedian across prime time (where I hope to God he gets slaughtered in the ratings) and that's the future of TV?