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Batman: Arkham Asylum Key To Success

I don't usually like stealth video games (I generally prefer to barge in and get things done - that's why my death to kill ratio on Call Of Duty is so horrible) but I LOVE Batman: Arkham Asylum, and I think this post makes a good case for why

And who has the most fun in a Batman game? There are few experiences as thrilling or rewarding as becoming the caped predator, quietly observing from the shadows and slowly turning unbeatable, well-armed odds into one whimpering, paranoid sod. You don't want The Joker's minions to see you, but in Batman's unique approach to stealth, you want them to know you're there. It's no wonder Batman's so keen on freaking people out -- it's fun!

When you hear the bad guys quaking in fear about Batman, and you think OMG I AM THE BATMAN WHICH THEY FEAR, it is such a fun feeling. Best game I've played in a long time. Almost makes up for all the crappy Superman games I've bought over the years.