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U.S and Cuba Begin Serious Talks

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by Ben Cohen

Part of the reason I supported Obama over Clinton in the Democratic primaries was Obama's approach to foreign policy. He's an advocate of soft power, while Clinton was about as hawkish as most Republicans.

Perhaps one of the most idiotic facets of American foreign policy is its incomprehensible stance towards Cuba - a completely unthreatening and docile country that poses absolutely no threat to anyone. Cuba has played the role of the punching bag for aspiring politicians who like to look tough on foreign policy issues, and they have paid a heavy price. The decades long embargo has severely damaged the Cuban economy, and it is a miracle the country is as prosperous as it is (and it isn't particularly prosperous).

While Obama stuck to the original script and continued the embargo, he is playing a smarter game by easing restrictions and has welcoming dialogue with the Castro government. And now it looks like the two countries are holding high level talks that would never had happened under a McCain/Clinton government.

It's difficult to tell where the talks will lead, but the fact that both sides are willing to negotiate cannot be a bad thing.