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Public Option Shot Down by Corporate Dems

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by Ben Cohen

The cowardly corporate Democrats have shot down the Jay Rockefeller public option failed in the Finance Committee 8 votes to 15.

While the Republicans predictably voted no, we have 5 'Democrats' to thank for the failed vote. Here they are (via NY Times):

Mr. Baucus voted no, as did Senators Thomas R. Carper of Delaware, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, and Bill Nelson of Florida, joining all 10 Republicans in opposition.

This is very bad news, but not the end of the fight by a very long way. Progressive Democrats will continue to bring floor amendments to try and re-add public option provisions, and should the House bill includes a public option (which is more likely), there will be an almighty fight to try and mesh the two together.

All is not lost, but the public option is looking less and less likely. The political blow back for the Democrats responsible for losing the public option should be warned: Progressives will not forget what you may do in the coming months. And they will punish you severely for your cowardliness.