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Glenn Greenwald Smashes Arm Chair Warrior David Brooks

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by Ben Cohen

Glenn Greenwald rips David Brooks for his tough guy rhetoric on Afghanistan (we need more troops, no backing down etc), and provides a hilarious account of Brooks using the exact same rhetoric when it came to Iraq:

Needless to say, Brooks was writing all the same things in late 2002 and early 2003 about Iraq -- though, back then, he did so from the pages of Rupert Murdoch and Bill Kristol's The Weekly Standard
When I went back to read some of that this morning, I was -- as always
-- struck by how extreme and noxious it all was:  the snide, hubristic
superiority combined with absolute wrongness about everything.  What
people like David Brooks were saying back then was so severe -- so
severely wrong, pompous, blind, warmongering and, as it turns out,
destructive -- that no matter how many times one reviews the record of
the leading opinion-makers of that era, one will never be inured to how
poisonous they are.

People like David Brooks insist everyone pay attention to their sophisticated views on war and the economy, despite the fact that they have been consistently wrong about everything. In any other field of knowledge, Brooks would be laughed out of a job. But he makes a living sucking up to corporate power, and for that, he can do no wrong.