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Maria Bartiromo Caught Lying About Medicare Blunder

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by Ben Cohen

When you get caught making a very silly mistake, lying about that mistake only makes you look more silly. Maria Bartiromo 'The Money Honey' on NBC, hilariously (and quite shockingly) asked Rep. Anthony Weiner that if he thought Medicare was so great "How come you don't use it? You don't have it! How come you don't have it?".

Weiner politely explained that he was only 44 and wasn't actually eligible for the senior citizens plan (you have to be 65), and Bartiromo was left looking rather stupid. She didn't press the issue further, other than to say "Come on!", and Weiner finished making his point.

Skip to a couple of weeks later, and Ms. Bartiromo explains the blunder to Joe Scarborough:

I was trying to make the point that governments has [sic] these
fantastic health care benefits, and if the public plan is so great, are
you going to give up your great benefits and go into the public plan?
And I said to him, if it's so great, how come you're not in it, are you
going to be giving up your benefits? He turns to me and says I am not
on Medicare because I am not 65. I wasn't even talking about Medicare,
so I said, 'oh, please.' Anyway, so that's the clip that they ran.

As Jason Linkins points out, this is sheer and utter nonsense. Just watch the original back and forth and decide for yourself:

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