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Blog Networks: A New Business Model

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by Ben Cohen

Simon Owens picks up on a relevant (to this site at least) theme: Blog Networks. From the NY Times:

The dream of quitting the day job and making a living from blog
revenue has proved to be far-fetched for most bloggers. But a few
entrepreneurs, like the Sugars, have found success in blog networks.

Such networks put blogs on various topics under some form of central control, like a digital-era Condé Nast.
Though they do not command nearly the same ad rates that glossy
magazines do, they are attracting ad dollars while magazines are losing

I'm going to write more on this subject as my own blog network grows, but I'm convinced that leveraging the power of multiple blogs is the only way for independent sites to become financially profitable and stable. There are several different models out there, and all have unique aspects. The important point though, is that bloggers are working together - a model of collaboration rather than competition.