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Why is CNN Inviting Birthers on Their Shows?

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by Ben Cohen

Mark Williams is a nut. A full blown conspiracy theorist who believes Barack Obama is not a legal citizen, America is turning 'socialist', and Joe Wilson was right to call the President a liar during his address to Congress. Why on earth any serious media organization would have him on is beyond comprehension. But CNN, apparently not heeding its own advice, booked Williams to come on to continue propagating lies and smearing the President's health care proposals. Williams is so extreme that he believes insurance companies should not be forced to cover those with pre-existing conditions because it would be a 'bad business decision'. CNN is trying to appear balanced, but it's kind of like inviting a creationist and a Darwinist to debate. Pointless because one side is sane, while the other stuck in a 200 year time warp. Video via Media Matters: