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Birthers and Truthers

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by Ben Cohen

Gawker asks, are Birthers the new Truthers? It's a question I've asked before because there are clear parallels. But as Gawker points out, there is a fundamental difference: The Left wing conspiracy has some basis in reality in that there are legitimate reasons to fear the U.S government, while the Right wing conspiracy is just bat shit crazy:

Trutherism is particularly alluring conspiratorial nonsense because of
an actual history of the government doing secret, evil things in the
name of national security. But there is, as far as we can tell, no
history of Foreign Nationals attempting to seize control of the nation
through fraud in order to send white people to concentration camps and
throw our elderly to the Death Panels. (There is, obviously, no history
of the government murdering 3,000 citizens in order to justify a war,
especially since governments have been justifying unnecessary wars
without all that fuss and bother for some time, and that is why it is
batshit insanity. But "government lies to get us into war" is not
exactly as much of a stretch as "man pretends to be American in order
to trick everyone into electing him president.")