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Michelle Malkin References Herself to Prove Obama is Indoctrinating Children

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Michelle Malkin by bicoastalbitchin.

by Ben Cohen

Michelle Malkin has been one of the major voices bashing the President for his address to school children. Her argument goes something like this:

Barack Obama is black, and possibly a Muslim Terrorist/Communist. He is using his position as President to indoctrinate school children in his extremist views.

Her evidence? As is always the case with Malkin, it isn't exactly substantial.

Check out the following 'researched' opinion piece she put up on her hilariously silly blog:

It’s not the speech, it’s the subtext.

It’s the radical activism of the White House Teaching Fellows who designed the education guides tied to Obama’s speech.

It’s the overzealousness of public school educators who have turned classrooms into Obama campaign offices.

It’s the influence of the left-wing social justice crusaders of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Team Obama.

It’s the Left’s embrace of Obama Chicago pal Bill Ayers’ pedagogical philosophy of “education as the motor-force of revolution.”

It’s the activist tradition of government schools using students as junior lobbyists to pressure legislators for higher education spending, pro-illegal immigration protests, gay marriage, environmental propaganda, and anti-war causes.

Now, if you check each of the 9 hyperlinks, you will find that 7 of them link back to her own site. Just for fun, I clicked on the first 'reference' on the excerpt above (again, a link to one of her own articles) and found that of the 16 'references', 9 of them linked back to her own site. The other 'references' didn't actually substantiate her argument, just cited context for the piece. The 9 links again, largely went back to pieces that referenced herself.

So in essence, Michelle Malkin proves her point by, well, pointing out that she said it before.

This is a great tool for journalists too lazy (or stupid) to do any research. Just reference yourself, hope that people don't actually check the links, and pass it off as real journalism. In fact, it's such a great tool, you may even get a job at Fox.