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Megan McArdle Reax

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by Ben Cohen

A reader writes in response to my post on Megan McArdle's nonsensical writing:

My take on Meagan is she is an extremely bright,
well educated, schizophrenic. And yes, I do mean that in the clinical
sense. One of the classic signs/symptoms of schizophrenia is what has been
called "cognitive slippage." There is a noun, a verb, adjectives and
adverbs, but it is as if the intellectual cogwheels slipped. The sentence
just does not make any sense. "I'm thinking of Father Xmas on the rebound"
is what one young schizophrenic woman said.Too bad we can't get her to give an interpretation
of a proverb such as "There is no use crying over spilled milk."
Schizophrenic's interpretations of proverbs are quite illustrative of cognitive
slippage.A second opinion is she is writing when she has had
too much to drink. My better bet is the first.Incidentally, I am a clinical psychologist of 35
years experience.