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Why We Need Glenn Beck

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by Ben Cohen

Gawker outlines why society needs the froth spewing clown at Fox:

* First, we need Glenn Beck because, quite simply, he's a prime
example of free speech. That we definitely need, even if it means we
have to put up with his increasingly hysterical proclamations of
socialist takeovers and ideological hit squads. That close-minded,
perhaps even pathological, anxiety brings us to our second point....

* Beck epitomizes the right-wing fanatic and, thus, exemplifies the
nation's darkest political recesses. Without him, saner citizens
wouldn't know the insanity that flows through a fairly large chunk of
our increasingly divided country. Beck helps the comparatively liberal
set know their enemy. Or, at least, the exaggerated enemy. He's a
walking guide to conservative talking points. Thanks to his highly
successful program, Beck provides adversaries with clues on how to
defeat their own, personal Grendel. He goes right, they go reasonable.

In his own special way, Beck can be quite endearing. His idiocy and mindbending paranoia doesn't manifest itself the same way Bill O'Reilly's does (ie. pure anger and hate). Rather Beck is a jolly mixture of the chubby kid at school and slightly retarded chimpanzee hell bent on messing up his play pen. His speech is certainly hateful, but he probably doesn't fully understand what he is saying. Beck is like the used car dealer you know is screwing you, but so full of it you can't help but be impressed.

Watching his show is like witnessing a train wreck in slow motion - awful beyond imagination and destined for destruction. But it is utterly compelling, and downright hilarious while it lasts.