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Joe Klein Attacks Glenn Greenwald For Leaked Emails

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by Ben Cohen

From the Huff Post:

On Monday, Salon writer Glenn Greenwald published an off-record email exchange on his personal blog, which has since caused a bit of an uproar in the journalism community. (He also tweeted about it.) The key email, written by Time magazine's Joe Klein, included some very sharp words about Greenwald:

As for Greenwald, he knows little about politics, less
about journalism and cares not a whit about the national security of
the United States. I find the Limbaugh-like, knee-jerk devotion of his
flock depressing.

The emails from Klein were written to an off-record email group
called Journolist, comprised of several hundred journalists, policy
wonks and academics -- which Greenwald is not a part of.

Klein has responded on his blog at Time, calling Greenwald a "thoroughly dishonorable person" for releasing the emails.

In response to this, I posted a comment on the piece I think is worth re-publishing here. I wrote:

I have no sympathy for people like Joe Klein who write anonymous books
dishing dirt on the personal lives of politicians (anyone remember
Primary Colors?). The self confidence this man has to a accuse
Greenwald of knowing "little about politics, less about journalism and
cares not a whit about the national security of the United States," is
astonishing. This is a man who has dedicated his life to centrism at
all costs no matter how far to the Right it might be, supported the
Iraq War, and thought George Bush was an 'honorable man'. Klein's
motives as a journalist are to stay relevant at all costs, and he'll
find a way of sucking up to power no matter who occupies the White
House. When George Bush wanted to go to Iraq, Klein found a way to
intellectualize support for it. When the Democrats want to cave on
healthcare, Klein found a way to dismiss the public option as a silly
wheeze of the know-nothing Left. Put bluntly, Klein is a hack. And
Glenn Greenwald most certainly isn't.

For more on Klein and his career as a professional suck up, check here.