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Go Away Maria Bartiromo

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by Ben Cohen

I know everyone is putting their two cents into Maria Bartiromo's latest idiotic outburst, but I couldn't resist. From the Huff Post:

Rep. Weiner reminded her [Bartiromo] that there already is government-managed
health care in the United States -- namely, Medicare, the system
created for Americans 65 years and older -- and that patients with
Medicare report very high satisfaction rates.

Bartiromo's response to this argument was a true head-scratcher. In
a mocking tone, she pressed the congressman: "How come you don't use it
[Medicare]? You don't have it. How come you don't have it?"

Rep. Weiner, who turns 45 this week, tried to walk Bartiromo through
it. "Because I'm not 65." But she was insistent. "Yeah... c'mon!" she
exclaimed, laughing incredulously.

Seriously, when will this woman lose her job? It's one thing to be consistently wrong, but it's another to be so boisterously smug about it. Bartiromo's ludicrous question is another example of someone so disconnected to real life issues, she honestly believed regular people could buy into medicare. She also believes the United States has the best healthcare in the world, despite the overwhelming evidence that it does not. For Maria, whatever she thinks is going on, must be going on by the virtue of her having thought it. Take for example, her prediction for the U.S economy in 2007:

Maria's 'gut feeling' gets her into all sorts of trouble, but because she is mildly attractive, extremely self confident and a shill for Wall St, he gets to keep her job. If we lived in a true free market, someone so consistently wrong would find themselves lining up at the welfare office rather than hosting a serious show about finance. Luckily for Maria, we don't, and she gets to screw up and get paid regardless.