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Time To Ditch The Republicans

Looks like President Obama, and some senate Dems, are finally getting it.

'Sometime in September we're going to have to make an assessment' about whether to keep trying to negotiate with Republicans, he told MSNBC.

Obama said he 'would prefer Republicans working with us' but that getting his main priorities for a health care overhaul are more important. It represents a marked change from the emphasis Obama placed on bipartisanship when he launched his campaign for a health care overhaul at a White House summit in March.

The president's shift is being echoed by Democratic senators.

'The time is closing in,' said Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va. 'We cannot finish this year without passing major health care reform. It's our sacred duty to the American people.'

Republicans aren't for some form of health care reform. They are not for reform at all. So why would we work on them on something they're not interested in?