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"These concerns appear to be unfounded."

NY Times Building

This is why I hate journalism in its modern execution. The NY Times has a round up on health care reform (why they waited until August to do something like this only God knows) and in the section discussing conservative concerns about euthanasia and government funding for abortion, the best the NY Times - the most important newspaper in the world - can muster is "These concerns appear to be unfounded."

Why must the media always be so mealy-mouthed? Why can't they just say "this is untrue"? I don't want the press to be an organ of either party, and when my guys stretch the truth they should investigate the claims and come to a conclusion pro or con then as well.

This is the kind of refusal to perform basic journalism that allowed the Times to help lead the nation into war in Iraq, among other mistakes.

"These concerns appear to be unfounded." doesn't cut it and its why the media is dying.