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"This is our moment, this is our time."
-- Barack Obama

The idea of "flooding the zone" is most often related to football. It is not a complex concept to get. Essentially the point is to overwhelm your opponent to the point that he can't respond, or even if he does respond it turns out to be pretty ineffectual. You play offense, not defense, and you play to win the game - not just to keep your lead (if you have one).

In the world of journalism and activism there are two recent examples of this worth noting. The first was from the New York Times, who set out to "own" the story of the 9-11 attacks. Their reporting, under the banner of "A Nation Challenged" was among the best to come out of the disaster and won them a Pulitzer. More recently we had Andrew Sullivan linking and aggregating coverage of Iranian protest versus the election results.

For the American people, the fight for health care reform is that important. Lives are actually at stake. We have to flood the zone versus those who would stand in the way of reform, whether that's conservatives, the media, Democrats, and even President Obama himself.

So what I'm going to do, and urge others to do with their blogs, twitter accounts, etc. is to pull together, point to, and generate as much information on health care reform with a public option in order to overwhelm those who seek to oppose this important step forward for America, until we get a signed bill.

Let's flood the zone.

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