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Maurice Schwenkler Arrested For Attacking Democratic HQ In Denver, Not Connected To SEIU


At least two people smashed windows bearing health-care reform posters at the Colorado Democratic headquarters in Denver in what party officials are calling an act of political vandalism.

Police say the windows were broken at about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. A policeman on regular patrol witnessed two people smashing windows with hammers, stopped, then pursued the suspects as they fled on bicycles. The officer arrested 24-year-old Maurice Schwenkler on suspicion of criminal mischief.

The other suspect was still at large Tuesday afternoon. There was no phone number listed for Schwenkler and it wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney.

State party Chairwoman Pat Waak says most of the 11 shattered windows were directly in front of posters supporting health care reform and President Barack Obama.

The conservative blogs are trying to say that this guy worked for the SEIU. He didn't. The SEIU has done a check of their employment records and payroll - this guy wasn't on them. He was apparently erroneously listed as being employed with an affiliated group.

This of course, doesn't stop the Always Wrong Brigade from running the Drudge siren.