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Impeccable Sources

Instapundit quotes this urgent alert from another wackadoo conservative blogger:

I have a contact who claims to have seen unofficial communications from ACORN, SEIU, and MoveOn.Org members not to just protest for the government option, but it infiltrate the anti-government protesters and attempt to stir up trouble.

Well Susie told Bobby that Tommy is soooo gonna cheat on the test. Print it!

A looong time ago Patrick Hynes, then blogging at a site called Crush Kerry claimed that there were "black books" being circulated by the Kerry campaign with detailed dossiers attacking the Swift Boat liars. That didn't exist, but it didn't stop the con blogs from marching along with the message.

Facts don't matter to them, and never have and never will. This presents a problem when factual information inevitably doesn't match up with the propaganda they believe in so strongly.