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Heath Shuler Says He Opposes Health Care Reform, Time To Oppose Heath Shuler

People warned me that Heath Shuler would fail in Washington again, I should have known.

Rep. Heath Shuler said Thursday night during a telephone town hall meeting that he opposes the House health care reform legislation because it would increase the deficit, doesn't reduce the overall cost of health care and doesn't do enough to promote people living healthier lives.


“I do not support HR3200 at the present time,” Shuler said during brief opening remarks, referring to the House bill that has passed three committees and will be eligible for consideration by the full House when Congress returns after Labor Day. “I do realize that we've got to reform parts of this system,” he said later.

We need someone else for NC-11 who won't keep stabbing the Democratic party, and most importantly, North Carolina and America, in the back.