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Conservatives For Patients Rights Accused Of Deception By Brits Who Appeared In Ads


Although standing by her views, Ms Spall said she was horrified by how the CPR had used her words.

'What I said is what I believe, and I stand by it, but the context it has been used in is something I was not aware would happen,' she said.

'The irony is that I campaign for exactly the people that socialised healthcare supports. I would not align myself with this group at all.'

Ms Brickell, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer after being refused a smear test because she was too young, said her words had been 'skewed out of proportion' by the CPR.

She told The Times: 'The NHS let me down and I just wanted to make the point that people should not rely solely on it.

'But what I said has been skewed out of proportion... My point was not that the NHS shouldn't exist or that it was a bad thing. I think that our health service is not perfect but to get better it needs more public money, not less. I didn't realise it was having such a political impact.'

Dr Karol Sikora, a British cancer specialist who has often spoken out against the NHS, said he had also fallen victim to the same technique.

He told the Guardian: 'They came and saw me in my office about a month ago and I gather I am appearing in some advert. They didn't tell me that would happen.'

Conservatives misrepresenting themselves to people? I'm shocked.

The thing is

1. Nobody is saying the NHS is perfect, but it clearly provides a serious safety net to British citizens
2. The reforms being advocated in the US don't come anywhere near to setting up a system like the NHS here (they should, but that's another story)
3. Conservatives have an entire movement that, at its core, is concerned with never telling the truth about things. That's kind of messed up.