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Conservative Astroturf Mobs Having The Opposite Effect?

One of the major problems that we see time and time again with conservatism in its modern form is that the sort of thing that gets heads nodding on talk radio and Fox News is pretty insane in the real world. Last October the spectacle that the McCain campaign devolved into with the addition of Sarah Palin was regularly touted by the right as a sign of forward momentum, the screaming of "terrorist" and egging on by Sarah Palin's "palling around" line and McCain's howls of "socialism" were crazy to rational Americans, but perfectly logical in the conservative world.

The net effect of that mass hysteria on the right was an even larger electoral victory for the Democratic party.

There is the possibility that the right has again indulged its base instinct towards the paranoid style at the expense of serious dialogue and advancement of its cause (of course, that "advancement" usually means turning the clock back to a mythical 1950-something).

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, fresh off a rousing neighborhood meeting on health-care reform that ended with people chanting ‘just say no,’ said this morning he’s more resolved than ever to seek congressional approval of health-care reforms.

The Austin Democrat said people who attended the gathering Saturday morning at a South Austin grocery store first heard him talk about why he favors change and then he took questions. Doggett said he subsequently said he wanted to talk one on one with crowd members interested in other issues, but that proved impossible because of deafening chants of ‘just say no.’

Dogget continues:

Their fanatical insistence on repealing Social Security and Medicare is not just about halting health care reform but rolling back 75 years of progress. I am more committed than ever to win approval of legislation to offer more individual choice to access affordable health care. An effective public plan is essential to achieve that goal.

America doesn't do mob rule, especially when the black helicopter crowd is running the mob.

Flashback to this sort of thing becoming a Republican problem: