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Ben Nelson Needs A Reality Pill Or Two Hundred

Ben Nelson

Ben Nelson - Democrat - is really a piece of work. The folks at Health Care Can't Wait are running an ad and petition to get real and meaningful health care reform - with a public option - through the senate. How does Nelson respond?

In a statement issued late in the afternoon by Nelson's office, spokesman Jake Thompson warned that if the new series of ads calling out the Senator's "stalling" on reform were "an indication of the politics going into August, then health care reform may be dead by the end of August."

These are the words and statements of people with no grasp on reality when it comes to this legislation. Ben Nelson (and Harry Reid) just don't get it. They seem to think that the support they got in 2006 and beyond is going to keep them up if they just have a (D) behind their names. Conservative democrats who obstruct meaningful progress in Washington are the political equivalent of Bush Republicans, and they'll be treated that way.

Do your job, Senator.