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At Washington Post, John Solomon Apparently Worked With Bush White House to Word Story

He of course is now editor in chief of the Washington Times. Look at that liberal media go!

The House Judiciary Committee has now released over 5400 pages of Bush administration and Republican Party emails (pdf) related to the firings. Several of these emails suggest coordination between Post reporter John Solomon and Bush administration officials on how to managee the Post’s coverage of the widening scandal.

In one email to a White House spokesperson, Solomon even appears to be suggesting what spin to apply in order to minimize damage from the revelations.

‘Thanks for any help you can give on this,’ Solomon wrote to Brian Roehrkasse on the morning of March 2, 2007. ‘I think some tick tock along thse lines will bring some perspective to how the process occurred. Of course, the White House counsel’s office had to sign off. Of course an administration in its last two years looks for some fresh blood to inject into jobs. Of course, DOJ’s analysis of prosecutors goes beyond performance evaluations to achievements or failures on policy issues like immigration. I think we can get this just right with your help.’

In case you wondered if this fits the pattern of John Solomon's past activity, survey says yes.