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Armed Glenn Beck Fan Planned National Guard Base Assault

Glenn Beck's America.

As reported by Saturday's NY Post, 'a Long Island mother of three -- armed to the teeth with an assault rifle and shotgun -- was arrested for scouting out and taking pictures of an Air National Guard base.'

Her arsenal included an XM-15 assault rifle, a shotgun and 500 rounds of ammunition.

The woman, Nancy Genovese, had been seen at the base a few weeks earlier, taking photos and questioning the guards. This time she had returned to take photos of the perimeter of the base. It's not difficult to make the connection that she was paranoid about 'FEMA Camps'.

Genovese is a Glenn Beck fan, according to her MySpace page (archived here). 'He is mad as hell and so are we. He is right and so are we', writes Genovese, who also posted a video of a Glenn Beck rant."