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Matt Taibbi Takes on Maria Bartiromo

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by Ben Cohen

Maria Bartiromo is about as close to the definition corporate hack journalist as you are likely to find. Her job is to repeat conventional wisdom about the financial world, and ignore any arguments that counter the corporate capitalist view.

It's a great gig because she gets paid extremely well without really having to know anything.

In terms of understanding the healthcare debate her knowledge is particularly weak, yet Mrs Bartiromo's unyielding confidence doesn't stop her from tangling with Matt Taibbi, who knows more about finance and the ins and outs of the U.S healthcare system than most working journalists. It's a pretty funny confrontation as Taibbi matches Bartiromo point for point, and most importantly, presents her with facts she cannot refute:

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If you are interested, check out an open letter I wrote to Mrs Bartiromo on the Huffington Post challenging her on her mind blowingly weak understanding of basic economics.