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Pete Hoekstra: National Security Expert? Don't Make Me Laugh

Robert Costa of the conservative National Review has an interview up with Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan. In the interview, Hoekstra has dire warnings - OH NOES - about national security under President Obama:

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R., Mich.), the ranking Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee, tells NRO that the Obama administration’s national-security apparatus is in “free fall” and showing “no adult leadership"

Now, you would think someone like Hoekstra would be far too busy breaking his promise to term limit himself, but oh no, Hoekstra's fashioned himself as a national security expert for some time now.

You might remember that Hoekstra was the one (along with Rick Santorum) who breathlessly claimed WMD had been found in Iraq, despite um... evidence (it was all the rage on Fox News though).

Then, a website created at the behest of Hoekstra and Pat Roberts turned out to have details on how to build a nuclear bomb available for all to see.

And most recently when visiting Iraq, Hoekstra created a security breach by revealing that his congressional delegation was there. Via Twitter.

Yes, friends, in the world of the National Review and conservative/Republican politics, a patsy like Pete Hoekstra is a perfect national security expert.

This guy doesn't know his butt from a hole in the wall. Why in God's name would anyone believe a single thing he said about anything, let alone something as vital as national security?

IN RELATED WTF "expert" pundit work, Pat Caddell, who recently spent a couple days playing sock puppet to the feces-flinging Glenn Beck, spoke to another National Review writer, telling them what they wanted to hear about health care reform.

Pat Caddell was a political adviser to President Carter. Which in the world of politics is sort of like being the guy on the Titanic who saw the iceberg but didn't think it would be that big a deal. Pat Caddell has not been relevant to any politics within my entire adult lifetime.

Caddell is a reliable "Democrat" who hates Democrats and makes a living doing so on Fox News.