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New England Ministry Of Information

"He's got some bumps and bruises like everyone else who played in the game"

That's Bill "Cheater" Belichick on whether or not Tom Brady was seriously injured in the game vs. the Redskins (Albert Haynesworth slammed him into the ground).


Anyhow, I thought Jason Campbell looked crisp in the game (13/22 for 209 yards) and he did everything pretty well: long ball, short ball, even scramble a little. Chris Cooley? Still THE MAN as usual. The defense got TORCHED by Randy Moss, however.

A friend of mine says that Moss is so good that he makes things look easy, but I'm still convinced that its cornerbacks giving him too much of a cushion and not blanketing him that leads to his success. I don't think he's in the legend squad yet (ie Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin type).

My guess is with the pick tonight, Colt Brennan is on the bubble for the #3 roster spot.

Here are the highlights, which the NFL will never let us embed because they're content tyrants.